Simple elements, easy to build!
Many hours of creativity and fun
Show us your doll's house
One kit, hundreds of dollhouses!
Build as you desire. Only your imagination sets the limits!
DollsWalls is very easy to assemble and easy to store

Build a dream house for your dolls!

You can build a dream house for your dolls with DollsWalls. Only YOUR imagination sets the limits.

You can build your doll's dream house in many different ways and as often as you wish.

It's fast and easy to build your dollhouse. You decide how many rooms you want and where you want the doors and windows to be located.

Let your dolls move in!

Once you are finished building your dream house, you can decorate it with our new Maxi furniture and add all your doll toys. It will be exactly as you had imagined!

And when you are done playing, it is easy to take apart and pack up. All the pieces fit in the small provided suitcase, which makes it easy to bring DollsWalls with you on vacation or for a visit to your friends.


Product news: Colourful Maxi dreamhouse kit with furniture!

A complete building kit with 4 different colours and 3 sets of furniture. Build your colourful dreamhouse as you desire and decorate it with the new Maxi furniture. The kit includes bedroom, living room and dining room that you assemble easily and can take apart again - just like the dollhouse - and pack away in a suitcase. The Dreamhouse Kit will be available soon!

DollsWalls on exhibit at Spielwarenmesse 2014

The DollsWalls team is back in Denmark after 6 exiting days at the toy fair in Nuremberg! We have seen a great interest from all over the world, - no less than 30 countries. It is going to be quite interesting to see if girls will soon be playing with DollsWalls in Canada, Hong Kong, Nigeria or Guatemala... 


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Product news: Maxi Furniture for your dolls!

Now you will soon be able to assemble your own furniture and use it to decorate your dollhouse! Maxi Bedroom, Maxi Living Room and Maxi Dining Room are available as separate bags, but are also included in the new Maxi Dreamhouse Kit.


Product news: Build in new colours!

Build an extra room on your dollhouse. You decide which colour you prefer for the addition - choose between pink, mint, blue or red. 

Mini and Maxi walls and joints are available in separate bags, so you have plenty of opportunities to mix the colours and create your own unique colour combination.

Place a door here, a window there...

...Or build a big bedroom for your dolls, teddy bears or figurines.

Be creative with DollsWalls! It is very easy to use and a lot of fun to play with. And best of all, you build as you desire!

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